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Why Lunchbox?
Because we view the internet as a conversation rather than a television with a "buy now" option, and we understand how to listen when others are broadcasting.
Why Lunchbox?
Service Offerings

We focus on our core expertise, seek to actively solicit feedback from our customers in real time, and pride ourselves on becoming your partner. We are confident that our services will be a welcome change from your existing web solutions provider.

Our core offerings are based around

  • Assembling the right team
  • Understanding your audience
  • Fulfilling your business objectives
  • Rapid prototyping potential solutions
  • Minimizing content collection headaches
  • Creating award-winning visual designs
  • Building standards-compliant web sites
  • Reducing maintenance expenses

By sticking to our strengths and utilizing partnerships where appropriate, we will deliver a best-of-class web presence that your customers will appreciate time and time again.

What is your situation and how may we assist you? Contact us today.

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Arizona Transit Association Website
Arizona Transit Association
The purpose of this project was to design a web presence that appeals more directly to local governments, chambers of commerce, major employers, transit program operators, transit suppliers, contractors, small businesses, non-profit community agencies, and transportation consultants.
Our Process

As professionals we have learned a great deal from our collective experience and have formulated an innovative way to define, prototype, and implement web solutions in an efficient, streamlined way.

The simplicity of our process is that we are utilizing the web itself to rapidly prototype system architectures — all the while, collecting content into a working HTML prototype.

While the assembled team is busy crafting, revising, and defining your message in your prototype, Lunchbox Collective's visual designers and technologists are hard at work humanizing your design, constructing your new web presence, and preparing the solution for testing and launch.

Our optimization of this process provides an innovative means for your team to effectively update content at your convenience, at any time throughout the implementation of your new web presence and long after we have launched your site. All without the expense of an inflated content management system.

Define - Our definition phase allows all parties to generate consensus on the project goals while focusing in on the intended audience and not simply a demographic. During Define we typically:

  • Analyze the industry
  • Establish objectives and goals
  • Understand your audience by creating personas and scenarios to address their unique needs
  • Develop mental and content models
  • Outline creative & technical goals

Prototype - Our prototype phase is focused on conceptualizing information architecture and deploying an editable HTML prototype to ease the burden of typical content collection, while also validating our informed assumptions. During Prototype we typically:

  • Construct conceptual site outlines
  • Develop information architectures
  • Validate assumptions
  • Craft site content & your intended message
  • Humanize design interfaces
  • Establish creative and technical requirements

Implement - where the rubber meets the road, and all of the hard work begins to pay off. During Implement we typically:

  • Optimize Graphical Interfaces
  • Create HTML Templates, and Client Side Scripting
  • Develop Applications
  • Assess and Populate Content
  • Conduct Quality Assurance and User Acceptance Testing
  • Facilitate Beta Testing while Collecting Live User Feedback
  • Perform Site Maintenance Training
  • Create a Promotional Plan

If you would like a more detailed outline of our process, simply visit our resources page.